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Healthy Life Is A Choice

Everyone wants to be healthy, however, having a healthy life is a choice. It is not only physical health, but also the support of mental, social, and ecological welfare.Physical health is the key aspect of healthy life, and the basis of physical health relies on the quality of the food consumed. The best food come from what is prepared with healthy ingredients and proper processes at home. And the ideal ingredients are organic.More people believe that by consuming organic, healthy life is within their reach. Consequently, it adds the demand. Since the true organic is sustaining the health of soils, as a result, organic will create a healthy ecosystem.

Organic is about the attitude of health, ecology, fairness, and care with respect to human beings, living critters and environment. It will foster global issues resolution; the climate change, food sovereignty, improvement of public health, and people welfare. Everyone has the same opportunity to contribute to the solution, and to save the earth.

FAM Organic : The Solution For Healthy People and Healthy Environment

FAM Organic is the socio-ecopreneurship delivering the solution for healthy people and environment. It is not just growing organic food. However, it is about sustaining the healthy soil to create a healthy environment. Forest system is our best practice.

We urge people to consume organic food for a healthy life by growing their own food at home. FAM Organic is here to help you setting up your organic garden. We provide the workshop, consultation, garden showcase, and the comprehensive garden supplies and tools. If for some reasons, you may not be able to grow your own food, do not worry, FAM Organic serves fresh vegetables from our farm and its related products. Ready for delivery to your houses, restaurants or you may find them at leading supermarkets. Our local food concept spreads our farms closer to consumers. Currently, our farms are located in Parongpong West Bandung, Tenjolaya Bogor, and Malino Makassar/Gowa.

fam organic local food Consume organic, be healthy, and be part of global issue resolution. We feed the soil to feed the crops.

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We have garden supplies and tools available in our shop, such as seeds, organic fertilizers, growing kit, garden timer, and irrigation system. You may visit our shop or order online for delivery across Indonesia. Click here to visit our shop.


A wide variety of vegetables and herbs are ready for delivery. We offer exclusive and nutritious vegetables such as kale, endive, rocket, swisschard, oregano, and parsley. We only provide products from our farms to ensure we follow FAM Organic standard. Click here to visit our shop.


Our specialties are Healthy Baby Salad Mixed and Green Smoothies. Major ingredients are original FAM Organic and made with our special recipes. We use water purification system with UV Light and Ozone dilution to wash the ingredients. Click here to visit our shop.


This is one of a kind edible garden workshop you should attend. It is the flexibility and freedom to grow your food indoor or outdoor. And you may harvest at any growing stage. Essentially, we emphasize concept and principle aspects in addition to practical. Click here for more information or here to set up the garden.


We provide partnership for those with same vision in healthy life and environment. We will help you to set up and operate your farm with same FAM Organic brand and standard. Click here for more information. For further inquiry, please drop us an email here.


We offer exclusive and prestigious eco souvenir for wedding event, personal/ family celebration, company green event, etc. It comes with planting guide that can be accessed from our website with specific web address of your name. Click here for more information.


This program is very suitable for pre-pension employee. The program offers the understanding about healthy attitude through organic. It covers healthy relationship vertically and horizontally to human being, living critters, and the environment. Click here for more information.


We want to introduce organic agriculture to students so they understand the reason of maintaining healthy soil for today and tomorrow. We hope students can appreciate crops and other living critters that play key roles to the life of the earth better. For further inquiry, please drop us an email here.


We want to introduce the organic way as early as possible. We hope children start to love vegetables and growing food at home. It is suitable for kindergarden and primary school level. For further inquiry, please drop us an email here.

FAM Organic accepts internship from universities and vocational schools. It is our opportunity to share the organic world and its future to youths. This program is part of our Indonesia Young Ecofarmer initiative.