partnership scope


  • This partnership is not a pure business investment. This is eco-sociopreneurship which needs personal branding, competency and trustworthy.
  • The partner is required have the same environment and health vision and to involve in farm operation.
  • Should the partner has limitation to involve in farm operation, partner is required to have a dedicated person representing partner with the same vision. However, partner is still required to have the same environment and health vision.
  • The new farm will have the same brand and the same Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)


  • Suggested area is minimal 1 hectare, owned by partner or the family. Since the main objective of organic agriculture is to restore and maintain soil fertility for long future, renting land is not suggested.
  • Converting the land for organic agriculture is not for a temporary utilization
  • High land has more advantages for vegetable crops
  • Water irrigation should have no contaminant exposures. Natural spring water is best. You may utilize spring water outside the area, however, you should use PVC pipe to ensure no contamination. Deep well or rain water reservoir may also be used.
  • Suggested land level is higher or at least the same level with the neighborhood to minimize contaminant intrusion if any

The Partnership

  • There will be agreement between partner and PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA as the owner of famO and FAM Organic brands.
  • Partner and PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA will form a new company. The standard name of new company is PT. -city name- FAMILI EKOKULTURA. There will be one company in one city.
  • The stakeholders are partner and PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA. Should there more than one farm in a city with different partner, the stakeholders will be partner1, partner2 and PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA
  • There will be intellectual property (IP) clausal in the agreement to protect PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA’s IP especially when the partnership is terminated.
  • When the partnership is terminated, and should the partner continue utilizing PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA competency for business purposes that relates to agribusiness or ecopreneurship, the royalty for PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA is still applied.


  • Partner is responsible for hardware/physical investment, is including but not limited to building, greenhouse, irrigation system, salary at early stages, company registration and permit etc.
  • PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA is responsible for the brainware and software, is including but not limited to location feasibility study, designing, hiring, training, operating, supplies & tools sources, sales & marketing, expansion/development etc

Set up and Operation

  • PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA will assign the representatives at new company management to accompany partner setting up and operating the farm.
  • All packaging are standard accors areas. Sources can be integrated and managed by PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA or produced locally when it is more efficient.
  • All seeds supplies are managed by PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA for consistent standard. Each area may have specific crops when local market needs it.
  • Mandatory visit by PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA is secheduled at least once in 3 months. The visit could be on planned or unplanned.
  • Technology, such as social media, video conference, cctv, internet etc should be utilized as much as possible for better efficiency

Sales & Marketing

  • PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA will assist new company to do sales and marketing for the new company
  • The price will be set up standard across areas. Price different, if any, should be clearly explain to consumers. We are implementing price transparency system.
  • Integrated marketing will be managed by PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA through integrated website, internet, social media and other means.
  • Local marketing will be developed as per requirements basis


  • Ecofarming is not the ultimate goal. In fact, ecofarming is the beginning.
  • Ideally, the land is open for the development of the follow on solutions such as eco-tourism, eco-education, healthy food culinary, healthy food courses, eco-villa, eco-integration, center of organic etc.
  • Open follow on solutions branched in the city
  • Other development inline with organic attitude


  • Should you want to operate your own farm with your own brand, we can provide the consultation, designing, set up and accompanying for some harvest cycles.
  • Partner is fully responsible for maintaining the standard after hand-over from PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA. However, partner may request the service to maintain the standard.