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Growing URBANUTRIGARDEN Halaman Organik

From Seeds To Table

This is one of a kind workshop you should attend. It is not just growing crops. It is about growing nutritious crops to meet the needs of the body. Our workshop offers flexibility and freedom to grow your food indoor or outdoor and harvest at any growing stage. You may harvest just germinated seeds or sprouts or microgreens or baby or regular mature crops,  flowers, and fruits. We redefine the future of organic urban farming, the urbanutrigarden.
The main objective is to equip every gardener with the proper knowledge and skill to set up and operate urbanutri garden, and understand clearly the true organic. Our vision is to have a healthy family and healthy environment and be part of global issues resolution. Delivery is in Bahasa.

Saturday, Maret 24, 2018 / 09:00 – 16:30 / FAM Organic Home, Bandung

famO Tour

Learning & Refreshing

Learn how organic vegetables are grown at FAM Organic to improve your knowledge on organic product, and at the same time refreshing your mind. Find out why organic pesticide is not required at FAM Organic. Starting with a visit to urbanutrigarden Halaman Organik at Sarijadi, Bandung city, the house of our founder, followed by visiting FAM Organic Parongpong in Lembang, West Bandung Regency.
Participants may continue having discussion with FAM Organic founder, Mr. Soeparwan Soeleman and Mrs. Donor Rahayu during lunch time at nearby Sundanese restaurant.

Sunday, Maret 25, 2018 / 09:00 – 13:00 / Halaman Organik in Sarijadi, Bandung and FAM Organic Parongpong, Bandung Barat


germinated brown rice

How to make Germinated Seeds / Rice


How to make Sprouts


How to grow Microgreens / Wheatgrass

Veg Baby Lettuce Salad Mixed

How to grow Baby Vegetables


How to grow Vegetables at raised bed


How to grow Vegetables at rooftop


How to grow Vegetables vertically


How to make Sky Garden


Workshop location:
FAM Organic Home
Jl. Setra Murni Atas / Cilandak No.8 Bandung 40151

famO Tour:
Halaman Organik
Jl. Setra Murni Atas / Cilandak No.5 Bandung 40152

FAM Organic Parongpong
Jl. Karyawangi km 0.6 Parongpong, Bandung Barat



We are happy to subsidize the workshop as part of our mission to get more people start living healthy in a healthy environment.

Workshop 500,000 200,000 300,000
famO Tour 100,000 40,000 60,000
Workshop & famO Tour 600,000 250,000 350,000

Payment is through bank transfer to BCA No.2332569091 or Bank MANDIRI No. 1310007926571 for Soeparwan Soeleman (suggest to add the last 2 digit of your mobile phone to the transfer amount for easier identification)

Workshop Participant may bring their family to join famO Tour and enjoy the subsidized investment of Rp.50.000 per person

Investment includes
Workshop :

Microgreens Kit
Participants may bring home the seedlings at plastic glass as the outcome of transplanting practices

famO Tour :
Lunch at nearby FAM Organic Parongpong (menu : nasi timbel – sundanese rice package).
One pack of famO vegetables fresh from farm.

Workshop fee may change without prior notice. The new fee will also be applied to participants who defer the schedule.



  • Make payment is through bank transfer to BCA No.2332569091 or Bank MANDIRI No. 1310007926571 for Soeparwan Soeleman (suggest to add the last 2 digit of your mobile phone to the transfer amount)
  • Send sms or WA to 0818 0200 7272 or send email to Includes name of participant(s), mobile phone, your bank, our bank, transfer amount
  • Wait for our confirmation


The workshop is designed for : •

  • Those who have awareness or start to have awareness on healthy foods for healthy life for their own and the family •
  • Family member who has been detected an illness and required by the doctor to consume healthy foods especially vegetables •
  • Family member who his/her family has illness history which may be infected to other family members •
  • Retiree or pre-Retiree for gaining a healthy life (physical health, mental, social and ecology) •
  • NGO or CSR who run green program •
  • Those who have concern in healthy family and healthy environment

 The wokshop is suitable for beginner, experienced and hobbyist

 Note : We do not recommend to send Gardener (tukang kebun) to attend unless accompanied by the owner/employer. The workshop content is more on concept and principles discussion rather than just technical.


Deferred Schedule •

  • Can be done in 3 (three) days before D-day at the latest •(Wednesday)
  • New schedule is subject to seat availability •
  • Deferred schedule can only be done one time •
  • When you defer the schedule in less than 3 (three) days before D-day, there will be a recovery fee amounted Rp.100.000 to compensate the unrecoverable materials such as foods and snacks, chair rental etc. Recovery fee should be paid one week before next schedule at the latest.

Cancellation •

  • Cancellation can only be done 7 (seven) days before the D-day (Saturday, a week before) to give the opportunity to other participants to register. We will return the payment in full amount minus bank transfer fee if any •(our bank accounts are BCA and Mandiri)
  • If cancellation is done in less than 7 days before D-day, and there is no participant replacement, the payment is NOT refundable. However, we will send the handout and kits (if any) to your address. We strongly suggest to send the replacement person.


Below is link of some hotels nearby FAM Organic Home. Click the icon to display the phone number. This is for information only, not our official recommendation. FAM Organic does not have any knowledge regarding service quality, room condition, price etc. Kindly please contact them to get more information before booking the room. Open Nearby Hotel Map.

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