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Budd Terra Pro


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BUDD® TERRA PRO is designed for dry season crops and vegetables. Anew bio-fertilizer formulated from the fermentation of humus and other natural nutritional sources. Contains 67 elements essential for vegetables & dry season crops. Increases cell membrane permeability (nutrient absorption, seed germination, sugar accumulation). Assists in the development of new fertile soil ( mineral synthesis). ACTIVE INGREDIENTS HUMIC ACID naturally encourages and regulates plant development. It also increases: ª water retention ª root growth ª seed germination ª chlorophyll content ª nutrient uptake ª plant physical quality ª immunity to disease ª soil structure EARTHWORM CASTINGS ( Eisenia foetida) contain powerful growth promoting hormones including: ª Gibberellins ( induce germination & flowering) ª Auxins ( stimulates root development) ª Cytokinins ( promotes bud formation) SEA NUTRITION includes extracts from various aquatic plants ( e.g. seaweed, algae) . These ingredients provide the best source of micro-nutrients that are lacking in chemical fertilizers and other growth stimulants. Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate (HSCAS). HSCAS is a natural anti-caking agent to improve soil texture. Enhances seed germination ü Speeds up harvesting time ü Increases resistance to harmful fungi & virus ü Increases nutrient uptake ü Pack: 325 grams of granole. Brand: ieh! Canada

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