Budd Terra Liquid 100 ml

Budd Terra Liquid 100 ml


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BUDD® TERRA Liquid is an organic plant growth stimulant formulated from the fermentation of humus and other natural nutritional sources. The only product to combine the benefits of nature’ s three powerful growth-promoting sources: humus, earthworm castings, and rich sea based materials. These ingredients work synergistically to improve soil structure, promote strong root development, and maximize nutrient uptake. Provides a balance of MACRO ( N, P, K, S, Ca, Mg) nutrients and over 96 MICRO nutrients, then regulates the uptake of these nutrients so that the plant receives the correct amounts at the right time. Provides the essential amino acids, naturally occurring growth hormones, and enzymes that stimulate beneficial bacteria and fungi growth ( essential for growth and overall quality) . Use BUDD® TERRA to: Increase crop PRODUCTION ( i.e. yields) Maximize useable crop AREA ( healthier soil) Lower overall COSTS ( reduce synthetic chemicals; fewer off spec crops) Expand MARKET opportunities ( sell as organic or zero chemical residue) Increase PROFITS ( sell at premium price, sell to larger buyers) BUDD® TERRA is the next generation of plant growth stimulants… High performance, chemical free, immediate results. DOSAGE GERMINATION: Soak seed for 24 hours in a 0.02% solution FRUIT TREE PLANTATIONS Monthly dosage: 20 ml / tree. REGULAR PLANTATIONS Weekly dosage: 2 L / Ha. Pack: 100 ml. Brand: ieh! Canada.

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