Set Up Halaman Organik

set up your halaman organik by us

set up


  • Halaman Organik is meant to supply healthy vegetables for you and the family in a sustainable fashion
  • It is important that you have adequate knowledge on growing food organically. You may ask your gardener to grow your food, however, you are responsible for providing the correct direction and instruction on organic way. Letting the conventional gardener to grow “healthy organic” vegetables may raise a risk unless the gardener has proper knowledge on organic and health aspects
  • You should have strong desire and passionate to run the garden as a source of healthy vegetables supplies for you and the family, otherwise the garden will last only for couple months.

The Steps

  • Owner is to collect the information about your area you plan to grow vegetables, House map, photo, video, the wall surrounding the area, east direction etc. Includes all your requirements.  Email to us. You may also come to our location in Bandung for better discussion and understanding. And at the sametime you may find some garden inspiration at our location
  • If the area is feasible to set up Halaman Organik, famO will visit the location for final gathering
  • famO will design the garden based on the same understanding during location visit.
  • Get final agreement on design
  • Collect materials and labor
  • Workshop for the owner. You may attend our regular workshop. Or you have opt to run workshop at your location. You may invite your workers, relatives, friends etc since workshop at your location is consider group visit with different investment terms.
  • Set up Halaman Organik
    • The main physical work will be done by the workers
    • Owner is requested to involve to get better field understanding
    • famO will guide and accompany during set up
  • Running Halaman Organik by owner and or workers under owner supervision
  • Owner may request our support by phone, social media or other means for free. Request for visit will be subject to price term.

The Investment

The investment is based on price transparency which covers :

  • Services
    • Consultation, design, set up, accompaniment, based on garden area
  • Materials
    • Variable, depends on design, brand, purchase method etc
    • We will provide list of materials required. You may purchase the materials directly
    • You have opt to ask famO to purchase the materials. famO will require 20% management fee from the total purchase
    • Should the materials come from famO shop, there will be no management fee
  • Labor & Tools
    • Responsibility of the owner
    • The owner may use the labor for garden operational
  • Travel & Living ( for 1 or 2 persons)
    • During location visit
    • During garden set up
    • Other milestone visit if required such as first transplant, second planting cycle etc (if required)
  • Workshop, if the workshop is held in location. For workshop description, please click here.

Both parties may utilize IT to reduce the total cost such as thru phone call, viedo call, WA, email etc. Interested? Send us email.