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The Grand Initiative

eat local

Eat Local Indonesia is our grand initiative. It is all about FAM Organic vision and mission, the solution for healthy people and healthy environment.

To achieve this initiative, FAM Organic has developed the roadmap through four sub-inititaives : Halaman Organik Indonesia, Ecofarming Partnership, Indonesia Young Ecofarmer, and Healthy Food Start At Home.

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Ecofarming Partnership is a solution for those who have a plan to set up a new organic farm with the same vision with FAM Organic. It is developed based on FAM Organic competency and experience by using the same standard and the same brand. Partner will provide the hardware including but not limited to land, farm facilities and financial. While FAM Organic provides software and brainware including the land feasibility study, designing, operation procedures as well as sales and distribution. The main objective is to get closer the production center to consumers center to serve naturally fresh products with no preservative exposures. The other objectives are to populate organic farms, to improve local farmers welfare, and to improve regional economy. When we populate organic farms, we are contributing to the global issue solutions. Consequently, we reduce carbon footprint, improve people welfare and food sovereignty, improve public health, and hence contributing the global warming solution. Our first partnership is FAM Organic Tenjolaya, Bogor  which is established in 2015. Second partnership is FAM Organic Malino Makassar, is under construction. Click here for more information. For further inquiry, please drop us an email here.


The land conversion in the city is increased dramatically from time to time. As a result, the agriculture area in the city is also reduced dramatically. The supply of vegetables is highly dependent on the rural areas. However, the development activities are also growing at rural areas. Therefore, the agriculture areas are also decreased, creating even higher dependent on even farther rural areas. The vegetable price will likely be more expensive due to transportation cost. The quality of vegetables, in term of freshness, will also be questioned. To keep it fresh the producers may think some alternatives of  preservation. And consumers do not have the  knowledge to understand which preservation methodology they apply. To get more fresh, cheaper, and healthy vegetables, people will think to grow their own vegetables at home. In the future, urban farming will be the common garden at every house. People will utilize any spaces such as backyard, rooftop, public areas, idle land etc. While the trend is clear, FAM Organic invites everyone to start setting up the  organic urban farming as early as possible. Find more information, visit Halaman Organik page and join Halaman Organik Indonesia facebook group. For our services to set up Halaman Organik, please click here.


This is a long term initiative. Trendsetter said that ecofarmer will be the new elite group in the future. FAM Organic is facilitating the young people who choose ecofarming as the way of life to support their life and the family. This is not for processor nor resellers. This is for producers, for farmers. We provide free consultation and also guidance. Partnership is also welcome. FAM Organic also provides the opportunity for students to have the internship program at FAM Organic. Students will learn the principles of organic agriculture and the process. From FAM Organic point of view, we expect the student to have a better understanding in the principles of organic agriculture. We consider the principles of organic agriculture are the basis to start understanding organic. Nowadays, some universities of agriculture have introduced the students with organic class, even though it’s the introduction level. At FAM Organic, students are required to have a debrief of the organic basic principles and process before they go to the farm. This is important to set the same level of organic basic understanding among the students. Please email us for internship request, . You may also join our INDONESIA YOUNG ECOFARMER facebook group.


Food is the ultimate product to fulfill our basic needs. Food is the result of processing the combination of ingredients. Healthy food is the ultimate goal for people to keep their health on top. It is because food is the dominant aspect of physical health. Many people think a food is considered healthy when it is made from healthy ingredients. Unfortunately, there are other factor, other than healthy ingredients, that affect the healthiness of food. Healthy food made from healthy ingredients. But what is actually healthy food? How do you find the healthy food? Healthy Food Start At Home is FAM Organic initiative to help consumers understand what healthy food is. It describes the aspects to get a healthy food. Whenever consumer buy healthy food, consumers are expected to understand the degree of healthiness. At the end, consumers will choose or not choose the “healthy” food in question. Healthy Food Start At Home initiative suggests home as the best place to produce healthy food with full of our control. You know what to do, you know what to choose, and you know what is the risk. For more information, please visit Healthy Food Start At Home. And please also join our facebook group.