Healthy Food Start At Home

healthy food start at home

When you grow or buy healthy food ingredients, the ultimate goal is to serve healthy food for you and family.

Most people want to be healthy. But having a physical health is a choice. To choose or not to choose. Those who choose to have a physical health will carefully consider all healthy life aspect including but not limited to regular exercise, adequate rest, consume healthy food, avoid stress ,and living in a healthy environment.  And consuming healthy food is the major factor to physical health.

When we become a senior, with ages 70 and over, it is wise not to bother our family members, just because we did not have a good diet

But what is healthy food really? We define healthy food as a nutritious food with no unhealthy materials such as synthetic preservatives, colorings, flavorings, sweetener, and dangerous microorganism contaminants such as fungi and bacteria. Using healthy food ingredient does not guarantee to produce healthy food.

There are two aspects of healthy food, i.e. healthy ingredients and proper handling.

Healthy Ingredients :

  • Fresh.  Fresh ingredients contain maximum nutrients. Vegetables have a very short post-harvest life. especially under ambient temperature. Ideally, harvested vegetables should reach the consumers within 2-3 days for consumption. You may keep it longer by cooling down the temperature such as storing them in refrigerator or chiller, however, normally it will last for about 2 weeks. To keep it much longer, especially imported vegetables, intense preservation may be approached, be it physical preservation, or irradiation, or chemical preservation. In this case, local produce expects no preservative exposure. Growing your own at home, and harvest whenever you are ready to cook, is the best approach,
  • The ingredients we consume should have full spectrum of nutrients to fulfill your body needs of energy. Everyone has different needs of nutrients spectrum. There are carbo type of persons such as vegans or vegetarians and there are protein type of person such as Eskimo people. Many of people are in mixed type, though the degree of mixing can be different,
  • No or very low residue contamination, which can only be found from organic ingredients. Synthetic (a.k.a chemical) fertilizers and pesticides are the major contributors of residue which is strictly prohibited in organic.
  • No synthetic additives such as preservatives, flavorings, colorings and sweetener, and no other unhealthy materials such as monosodium glutamat.

In many cases, it is not easy to find such ingredients. However, bear in mind to always remember the above criteria and try to get it as close as possible. You may not be able to do it at once, that’s fine, do it gradually.

Proper Handling:
When we have healthy ingredients, it does not automatically you will get healthy food. There is other aspect to consider in order to keep the nutrients up to the table. Proper handling is very important to keep your food nutritious. There are two aspects to keep it healthy and nutritious :

  • Hygienic Hygienic environment is required to ensure no dangerous bacteria or fungi at our food. This is important especially for raw food or partially raw food. Room cleanliness, clean water, hygienic equipment etc are strongly recommended when we prepare the food.
  • Proper Process Improper food preparation may lead to lost of nutrients. Wrong cutting and washing sequence my also lead to lost of nutrients. Wrong warming the frozen food may lead to bacteria contamination. More importantly, is cooking process. Heating my lead to lost of nutrients. Water-soluble vitamins and minerals are often lost during cooking process. The type of ingredients and the person to consume the food will also determine the cooking process. Raw food is good to choose younger leaf. Sprouts and microgreens or baby leaf are good choice. Mature vegetables my need to be cooked. The length of cooking, direct cooking or steam may affect the nutrients. Regardless how you prepare your vegetables, it is rich of fiber, vitamins and minerals, antioxidant that will help sustain your health. There are advantages and disadvantages of cooking vegetables. Consumers discretion is advised based on your needs.

In summary, high nutrients of ingredients do not automatically deliver healthy food with high nutrients.

Home is the best place for healthy food
The big question is how to get this kind of healthy food?

When you buy package food, it may contain healthy ingredients. You should take a look the food composition to understand the composition of synthetic materials. Food tend to have short life. Preservatives may help to prolong the expiration. It is our decision, to choose or not to choose.

How about in restaurant? Usually the focus is to serve tasty and look attractive and appetizing. We do not have adequate information on the ingredients aspect and handling aspect.

We may have truly healthy food when we are able to control the ingredients and the process. And it can only be done when we cook our food at home. Again, we have choice to make healthy food or just food. Practically, choosing healthy food is not easy, unless we have strong motivation to consume healthy food. Nevertheless, we can use this healthy food concept as best practice. Always do the best we can, and keep improving the health degree of our food.