Halaman Organik

Halaman Organik

Redefining the future of organic urban farming

In 2010, the founders set up organic edible garden at their house to fulfill the vegetables needs for the family, reducing the dependency of vegetable supply from their farm. This is one of a kind garden with a comprehensive concept of organic gardening, we call it Halaman Organik. In 2016, we redefine the concept of organic urban farming for the future. You can now grow your healthy food indoor and or outdoor. You can harvest your food as fast as just couple days or weeks or mature age. It is a freedom, full of creativity, and inspiring your life.

Halaman Organik Concept

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The Cycle of Seed explains that we can produce our own healthy vegetables both indoor and outdoor. You can harvest for just couple days to weeks or mature age.

This concept, combined with our original urban farming concept,  redefine the organic urban farming. We foresee in the future, space constraint will keep increasing The combination of growing indoor and outdoor will be the solution to get healthy food in the future. The new concept will continuously be improved to adapt the situation and environment changes, and also based on the continuous experiences and observation on the aspects required to grow a garden at home. There are three main aspects of our concept :

  1. Space & Planting ManagementIt is common to grow vegetables at soil or pot or plastic bag. Our concept should be able to utilize all spaces at your house to grow food. You can grow at soil, vertical planting, rooftop garden, rocky soil, sky garden and at any corner outdoor and indoor.

    The concept includes the ability to harvest as you need. Sustainable and fresh vegetable availability is our objective. Urban farming should be able to supply healthy vegetables continuously. Growing plan is important based on the family requirements and the growing space availability.

  2. Organic ApproachIt is imperative that organic urban farming is emulating the forest system. Do not think about pest at the first place. Think about keeping the soil healthy with no chemical contaminants. This will maintain soil ability to produce plant nutrients.

    Rotation and companion, plus the application of repellent plants will help a lot creating a miniature ecosystem at your home. The pest will be part of ecosystem. They deserve to live. We have the ability to manage them. And when we do it right, there will be no or minimum damaged caused by pest.

3. Waste Management

Organic is about the healthy environment. The sense of ecology is the integral part of growing organic. Some of your waste at home can be reused and recycled for your garden. You may reuse your inorganic waste for garden tools and recycle your organic waste for compost. As a result, you may reduce the amount of waste thrown to your waste bin which in turn will reduce waste production at the landfill.

Halaman Organik will deliver three values, i.e. the healthy value, economic value and aesthetic value. It is not just a physical health, but also the maintenance of mental, social and ecology. Setting up and operating halaman organik is easy and inexpensive. With the correct methodology, you will let the soil do the rest. Last but not least, with organic methodology you have a freedom to combine your crops in term of color, leaf shape, high, ages etc, creating a dynamic and beautiful scenery. It is not a small farm, instead, it is a garden, the edible garden.

With practical approach, growing your food at home has never been easier. Everyone at home may participate which will give you a healthy family in a healthy environment.


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