From Seeds To Table

From Seeds To Table

The integrated solution with ultimate goal to obtain healthy food while contributing the solution to save the planet

From Seeds To Table

From Seeds To Table is a new paradigm to view vegetables with more variation. You can now harvest the vegetables at any growing stage, from sprouts to mature leaf. You can even consume the seeds itself. You can grow food indoor outdoor with a freedom of creativity. Should you are not able to grow your own food, you can always buy these varieties of vegetables. And FAM Organic offers the solutions for you

The Cycle Of Seed

seeds cycle

The journey of vegetable crops start from the seeds and end with the new seeds. As a matter fact, we can harvest vegetables at any growing phase.

seedsYou can even consume seeds such as beans, grains, chia seeds etc. Eventhough seeds contain complex compounds, some seeds still contain high nutrients.

When a seed start growing, the very fisrt stage is germination process. Normally, it takes couple days for seeds to germinate. At this stage, the complex compounds within the seeds are broken down into simple compounds including enzymes and growth regulator components. In other words, germinated seed contains a comprehensive simple compounds, A to Z, that are required to start a new life. In fact, it is one of the best nutrients. That’s why germinated seeds, such as germinated pumpkin seeds, germinated brown rice, are one of our best nutrient sources.

When you let the seed growing, in couple days you will see the roots, and then the stems, and cotyledon leaf start appearing. At this stage, normally we call is sprouts which also contain a comprehensive nutrient that’s good for us. Up to these stages, you don’t need light nor soil to grow sprouts.

microgreens-radish-daikon Going further, the sprouts will grow becomes microgreens. Some microgreens are harvested when two cotyledon leaves are fully grown or when the first or second true leaves are about to grow. Microgreens requires no or some amount of soil. Minimum light is enough to grow microgreens. You may put it at windowsill.



When you plan to grow your vegetables further, the microgreens will grow becoming seedings which later will be transplanted to soil or bed. Normally, you may harvest the baby leaf in about one month.


Mature leaf is the ordinary growing vegetables. Maturity age will depend on the variety of crops, between one to two months. The mature leaves contain high selected nutrients. For instance, carrot contains high vitamin A but lack of vitamin B.


veg-broccoli All the above stages are focusing on growing the leaf or vegetative phase. The next phase is generative phase which start producing flowers and fruits. Some frlowers are edible such as nasturtium, hyssop, marigold etc. There will be seeds inside the fruits which can be use to start another cycle.

The Solutions

Healthy Shop

fam-organic-home-250FAM Organic Home is the integrated shop for healthy people and healthy environment. For those who want to grow your own vegetables, FAM Organic Home offers the workshop, consultation, set up service, supplies, and tools. We also offers fresh vegetables and herbs harvested only from famO farm. Consumers may come to FAM Organic Home or purchase through online and other means. For more information, click FAM Organic Home.

Urban Farming

halaman-organik-250Our urban farming is called Halaman Organik, the integrated urban farming especially for self-consumption, however, you may also make it to support your income. Growing vegetables at home is really a freedom, full of creativity. Halaman Organik is not just supplying healthy vegetables, but also promoting healthy family activity and healthy environment. Find more information at Halaman Organik.


fam-organic-parongpong-250x250Our ecofarming is designed to fulfil consumer’s needs on healthy vegetables. Consumers who have paid organic price are deserved to get high quality vagetables. Our ecofarms are based on organic agriculture principles by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) focusing on healthy soils, ecosystem and human. Visit our ecofarm at FAM Organic Parongpong Bandung and FAM Organic Tenjolaya Bogor.

Healthy Food

baby-salad-mixedThis is the ultimate goal for everyone of us. Healthy vegetables do not automatically produce healthy food. Healthy ingredients are fresh vegetables, organic, and no synthetic materials. But you may loss you nutrients or even contain microbial pathogens when you handle the cooking process improperly. So, where can you find the healthy food? You are right, the best place is at your home. Explore more on Healthy Food Start At Home.