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FAM Organic Home - The Healthy Shop

FAM Organic Home is the integrated healthy shop for healthy people and healthy environment. It is not just a garden shop. FAM Organic Home integrates garden supplies and tools, edible garden showcase, healthy food and workshop and seminar venue, consultation and eco souvenirs. OpenTuesday to Sunday from 08:00 till 16:00. We are closed on Monday. However, for fresh produce such as vegetables, delivery is Wednesday to Monday since we harvest one day before delivery. No delivery on Tuesday. The shop is also available for online order and delivery across the country. Click HERE to visit our online shop.

Halaman Organik Showcase

The showcase is available at our shop to give you idea and inspiration when starting your garden. You may also visit Halaman Organik at our founder’s house right in front of our shop.

healthy organic shop
vertical garden
vertical plastic glass
verical pvc
garden planter

Garden Supplies & Tools

The supplies and tools are designed for modern organic edible garden. We use some of them which people can see it directly at our showcase. Available from seeds, growing media, organic fertilizer & pesticide, garden tools, irrigation, growing light etc. The store is also available online.

the seeds
growing kit
garden packs
support tools
healthy equipments

Fresh & Healthy

People are demanding truly healthy food. Fresh ingredients are best originated from local farm, newly harvest, and organic. Healthy processed food, beside requires fresh ingredients, it also needs to avoid any synthetic materials and unhealthy seasoning. It is becoming important especially for raw food to maximize the nutrients.

Handling and processing in hygienic style are the most important aspect. We wash the fresh ingredients with water purification system with UV exposure and Ozone mixing for our processed food.  We apology, for the time being, our fresh products and processed food are only available by order. Visit our shop.

lettuce salad
greens mixed baby salad
famo dressing

Venue of Workshop

The worskhop is held at FAM Organic Home. Regular Halaman Organik Workshop is held for public. While private workshop is on request basis.  Workshop includes debriefing for pre pension program or part of CSR program.

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